Christian Bible Study

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Versatility in Lesson Plans

Christian bible study incorporates a number of activities. The more versatile your study program is, the easier you will keep the attention of your students. As I mentioned earlier about my past experiences, lecturing or reading verse to a room of teens is not likely to sink in or result in the outcome you are looking for.

For more innovative ideas, rely on the internet as your resource. There you will find hundreds of sites offering new and exciting tools to help you spread the message of Christ. Do you think Christian bible study is just about sitting at a desk reading and writing about the stories provided in the New Testament? If so, you should probably read the rest of this site and evaluate your current practices.

Effective Christian Bible Study

Bible study is about getting people to understand the word of God. The manner in which you successfully achieve that goal is entirely up to you. Based on your students, you should tailor a lesson plan to the interests of the group.

Some ideas for renovating your current bible study practices will be listed out in the following pages. Among them are weekend retreats, character skits, Christian games and discussion forums. Using these tools will successfully convey your message with substantial staying power.

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