Christian Film

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Working with Children

A Christian film is another successful medium to conveying a message to your students. Bible study starts at a very early age. Young children often have a short attention span to work with, making lesson plans a difficult obstacle.

Many of the same stories that were read to me as a young girl in Sunday School have since been visually re-mastered. Rather than listening to a teacher read scripture straight from the bible, children today can watch cartoons of these same stories. You'll find their attention span works better with videos than with many other teaching techniques.

Successful Use of a Christian Film

My mother owns and operates a Christian day care center. She utilizes these videos several times a week. The children are excited because they get a chance to watch cartoons. What they don't know is that these videos are providing them with life lessons that will form and shape their values as they get older.

Following each Christian film, instructors can choose to have a discussion about the movie. Here is the time to reinforce and summarize the important points the movie has covered. This will help each child retain the message and hopefully use it in real life situations.

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