Christian Media

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Music, Film & Print

Christian media encompasses music, film and a variety of print material. All of these tools are used to share one message about the will of God. How you choose to use these materials is entirely up to you. Each is equally as effective as the next when used in the right context.

Today's Christian music is likely responsible for adding thousands of new members to Christianity. What previously consisted of hymnals and organs has evolved to rock music with spiritual themes and messages. People enjoy listening to these tracks and pull messages out of each of them to use in daily life.

Learning Through Christian Media

Another form of Christian media is film. In the previous pages I mentioned how children can benefit from cartoon-like depictions of bible stories. There are also films made for teens and adults that help us understand how the word of God should be used throughout our lives. Some of these films are based on novels and other Christian books.

Frank Peretti is a wonderful spiritual writer. While his Christian messages aren't written in black and white, you can pull your own Christian meaning from each of them. He is just one of many Christian authors who have written thought-provoking materials that help convey the message and spirituality of Christianity.

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