Christian Movie Reviews

Written by Jessica Duquette
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The Effect of Movies on Youth

Christian movie reviews help parents evaluate the effect media may have on their child. While a general critic may give a movie four stars, the same movie may have a different rating by a Christian critic. The messages conveyed in a movie may not support Christian theory or beliefs.

There are hundreds of Christian-inspired movies that you can rent or purchase for your children. If you are tired of sifting through the video rentals at Blockbuster and seeing illicit messages and inappropriate content, consider looking elsewhere for your videos. Prohibiting movies altogether isn't a practical decision, so finding movies that fit your lifestyle is imperative.

Internet Christian Movie Reviews

If your local video store or library can't accommodate your request, consider looking to the internet for help. Hundreds of religious websites and Christian organizations sell wholesome and effective videos for you and your family. Each is accompanied by several Christian movie reviews, so you know what to expect before you hit the play button.

To start your search for Christian videos, simply click on the link above. You can also use any web search engine to locate a virtual library of film options. Help your family live as God intended, and incorporate Christian influences into their lives.

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