Christian Music

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Christian music has evolved substantially. Unless you tune in regularly to the Christian station on your FM radio you may be missing out. Many people automatically assume that religious music is performed by a choir to the music of an organ. This could not be farther from the truth.

Drums and a Guitar?

I was first exposed to true Christian rock through an non-traditional church service. Walking in to this auditorium I noticed a set of drums, a guitar and some other non-organ instruments. This peaked my curiosity immediately.

Modern Christian Music

A few minutes into the service I was astonished to hear the type of music that was being played. It sounded nothing like any Christian music I had ever heard. In fact, it sounded just like many of the tunes I listen to in my car on a regular basis.

This music has become a wonderful resource in spreading the word of God. Artists like Jennifer Knapp, MercyMe and Jars of Clay have attracted a whole new audience into the Christian religion. If you haven't heard modern Christian rock music, I strongly suggest you give it try.

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