Discussion Starters

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Discussion starters can provide you with an ice breaker for timid or shy students. As teenagers, most of us had a lot of questions to ask, but when it came time to ask them, we were too bashful. An effective leader knows how to overcome this challenge.

Effective Teaching Methods

How you interact with people will have a direct effect on your success or failure when it comes to getting your message across. Even the most sociable people still require help when it comes to sticky situations, like Christianity. One tool that is sure to always jumpstart a conversation are discussion starters.

Why You Need Discussion Starters

Do you remember when you were younger and the teacher asked a question and no one said a thing. The silence that hung in the air was so thick you could feel it. What that instructor needed was something to break the ice.

Talking about religion, both with children and adults can be an awkward conversation. With a discussion starter, you are throwing the topic out there in such a way that responses flow easily. This in turn, makes the discussion more fulfilling while at the same time less intimidating. These topics can be purchased in the form of a book, ensuring you never have to experience that clumsy silence again.

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