Written by Jessica Duquette
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Incorporating Illustrations Into Christian Education

Illustrations had a significant impact on my Christian education. In the seventh year of Sunday school each of the students was asked to select a biblical story that they thought had great meaning. Each student would then paint their own depiction of the story with the help of a professional artist, who happened to be a member of the congregation.

At first, each student was hesitant to select a story and begin preliminary design work. None of us had a knack for art and we were therefore shy when it came down to putting paint to the canvas. With the help of our instructor we soon realized that it wasn't about who's painting looked more realistic, it was more about how each of us are different in our own way and what the chosen story says about us.

Combining Art and Religion

With the help of the professional artist, we began the illustrations on an equal playing field. When we were finished we had beautiful hand-painted depictions of biblical stories that had more meaning than any other classroom project we had accomplished during our course of study. They were each presented during the final Sunday service of the school year and we were allowed the opportunity to talk about why we had chosen our passages.

Creative projects such as these go a long way in the Christian education of students. Incorporating these ideas into your lesson plans helps initiate the learning process. For more ideas on how you can benefit from creative projects, click on the link above.

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