Kid Sermons

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Where Can I Find Kid Sermons?

Kid sermons are often found in more unconventional parishes. Traditional churches tend to focus more on exact scripture rather than translating those same messages into more comprehensible stories. This is often times the cause for lack of interest and enthusiasm among children.

Growing up in a Congregational church, I was subjected to 90 minute services comprised of scripture, hymns and the monthly communion ceremony. A more exciting service may have included a baptism. Very rarely could I walk away on a Sunday afternoon having absorbed a message applicable to my life at the time.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Many pastors are adopting kid sermons in their Sunday practices, and for good reason. Spending fifteen minutes with the children can help them apply the message of God within their lives. Kids will be much more apt to reflect and act on these messages when they are tailored to their lifestyle and interests.

Unfortunately, leveling with children about the concept of religion can be difficult. Without tangible evidence, explaining spirituality can be difficult for many young people. Many of the most effective methods have been outlined in award-winning books and publications. Obtaining these documents is the first step in making Christianity stick in the mind of children.

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