Media In Ministry

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Out of the Box Teaching Practices

Media in ministry may sound like an unconventional method to teaching God's word, but you may be surprised by how effective it can be. After spending years in a traditional Protestant setting I decided to branch out and try something new. A non-denominational church was where I wound up.

In addition to the live Christian rock band that opened each service, I found myself in a massive auditorium, unlike any of the sanctuaries I had ever worshipped in. There were no velvet cloths, no wooden crosses and not a stained glass window in the joint. However, I found something better there than any other service I had attended.

Learning More From Media in Ministry

This young pastor incorporated media in ministry the very first service I attended. Imagine my surprise when the auditorium lights dimmed and a digitally enhanced version of the Matrix projected onto a movie-theater sized screen. We watched fifteen minutes of the film before it donned on me that I was in church, not at the local Cineplex.

When the clip was finished the pastor began talking about how the movie related to Christianity and Jesus. At first I was skeptical, but then everything he said seemed to make sense. All of the sudden I was able to apply biblical lessons to thought-provoking situations. My interest in Christianity sky rocketed.

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