Ministry And Media

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Ministry and media can be combined to create the ultimate Christian learning experience. If you are like so many others who are bored by their weekly sermons and long to take a message away from each week's service, you may want to consider a change of venue. Not all churches rely solely on delivering scripture straight from the Old Testament.

Combining Ministry and Media

The more creative Christians have realized that those same biblical messages can be reinvented and conveyed using innovative channels. For instance, ministry and media can include non-traditional Christian music, fictional novels based on scripture and films or movies that revolve around one central Christian theme. By utilizing different tools, you can preach the same lessons in a more interesting and effective manner.

Change of Pace

If you are unsatisfied with your current style of worship there may be something else out there for you. Just because your family and friends have belonged to the same church for more than a decade doesn't mean you can't change the scenery for yourself. The best place to explore your options is closer than you may think.

Fellow Christians utilize the internet as a virtual parish. Here you can voice your opinions and concerns and speak to others about Christianity and their style of worship. This may introduce you to a congregation that is more stimulating for you as an individual.

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