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Written by Jessica Duquette
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Effective Communication

A ministry resource should provide you with effective and inspiring tools for Christian education. Communicating with other fellow Christians is easy and natural. Sharing your beliefs and values with people who are undecided about their beliefs is far more challenging.

Having the right tools and ministry resource to communicate your beliefs is an integral part to successfully spreading the word of God. Children especially, require additional information such as biblical stories, illustrations and other visual interpretations which can help them conceptualize religion as a whole. Without these tools, adequately communicating your message can be problematic.

Innovative Ministry Resource

Pastors and other Christian educators are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to speak to the youth about Christ and God's will. You may remember attending Sunday School as a child and listening intently as the teacher read passages from the bible. How much did you absorb and understand based on the words written in the New Testament?

As a ministry resource, the bible itself is very telling to those that can understand it. For many others, youths included, a more comprehensible approach is better. Today you can find books, videos, even full-length motion pictures that are devoted to sharing the stories of the bible.

Adapting Studies To the Current Time

Films and movies are a great ministry resource for teens and young adults. By communicating the message of God through a medium that this age bracket enjoys and respects, you're more likely to pass on information that will be retained and referred to at a later date. Once you have done that, you have succeeded in sharing the spirit of Christianity.

Sunday's worship service is the one constant time you have to capture the attention of your audience and make beliefs and ideas stick. A sermon is perhaps the most important section of each week's lesson and as such, should be taken very seriously. Sermon outlines can be a valuable ministry resource if you are looking to change up an otherwise monotonous lesson plan.

Students Need To Identify

Remember, the more interesting and true to life your lessons are, the more the congregation will retain. Measuring success can be directly identified by the interest level of the crowd. If you feel you could liven up the service in order to keep people's attention, consider looking for additional resources.

Whether you are a youth pastor or a dedicated Christian looking to spread the word of God, the internet can be a valuable starting point for your studies. You can find lesson plans, sermon outlines, videos and more through Christian-inspired sites. Think of these sites as a place to share success stories. You can benefit from other's ideas and they might just be looking for one of yours.

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