Movie Reviews

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Movie reviews have traditionally been found in newspapers. Each Friday morning you check the movie listings and the ratings to find out which film is best deserving of your attendance. After all, you don't want to spend $8.50 on a movie that will put you to sleep.

Relying on Other's Opinions

Who writes those reviews anyway? As movie buffs we depend on one stranger's opinion to help mold and shape our own. Does that sound right to you?

For more detailed and reliable movie reviews, consider referencing the internet. I've mentioned before that the internet has provided a virtual forum of discussion among people around the globe. Instead of one person's opinion you can now sift through thousands of reviews on the same movie.

Post Your Own Movie Reviews

Take that information to form your own opinion. After you've gone to the theater to see your film of choice, post your own remarks on the internet for others to read. This ongoing cycle of feedback is what makes the internet such as powerful and effective resource.

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