Parental Movie Reviews

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Protecting Your Children

Parental movie reviews can help quell fears of illicit messages reaching the eyes and ears of your children. As a parent, protecting the well being of your children is of utmost concern. Avoiding potentially harmful content is a priority when it comes to exposing your children to the media.

Movies have long since been the scapegoat for many actions taken by children. While many experts have the data that confirms messages in the media are responsible for different courses of action, still others negate the same statistics. As a parent all you can do is decide for yourself.

Parental Movie Reviews Vs. Film Critic Ratings

When the film industry rates a movie after previewing the contents, the movie is then deemed reasonable for a certain age bracket. You would only take your five year old to see a G rated movie while you're thirteen year old daughter is now getting into PG-13 movies. What the film critics say may be drastically different than your own opinions.

To prevent your children from viewing inappropriate material, rely on parental movie reviews. These reviews are completed by parents just like you. This will help ensure the messages running through your child's head are both safe and proper.

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