Preaching Helps

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Expressing Importance

Preaching helps share messages and ideas with others. As mentioned in the previous page, a mother preaching about algebra to her son can be therapeutic. Without reinforcing this message the mother worries the son doesn't understand the importance of the task.

Similarly, preaching in a religious setting helps students understand the importance and significant impact the bible has on Christianity. Without preaching, how would the word of God spread? As a Christian it is your duty to help pass on the messages that He intends for us to live by.

Preaching Helps Build Believers

You don't have to be an ordained minister to preach. Sharing thoughts and ideas with your friends could be considered preaching. You obviously have a strong belief in your ideas or else you wouldn't bother sharing them with anyone.

If your thoughts and opinions make the slightest difference in one listener's mind, that preaching helps spread the word of God. That is why the internet has been so successful as a medium in which to express opinions and build believers. This virtual parish has brought Christians from all over the world together and will continue to do so.

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