Preaching Plus

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Preaching plus innovative teaching methods can give you the results you crave in your youth study group. Have you noticed a decline in attention spans and enthusiasm to learn the word of God? Are your students too busy passing notes and giggling during your Tuesday night youth group meeting to retain any of the lessons you are delivering?

Preaching Plus Character Skits

If this is the case you may want to incorporate some new tactics into your teaching plan. Many unconventional pastors have adopted modern techniques to help initiate interest in youth groups. From drama skits to Christian rock music, various media types are being introduced into Christian classes.

How can preaching plus music make a difference in your youth group? Invest in a few of the latest Christian rock artists such as Jennifer Knapp and Jars of Clay. This modern music will have kids dancing and singing along while retaining basic Christian messages found in the lyrics. This may seem like a sneaky approach to exposing your children to wholesome media, but they won't feel duped.

Fiction with a Twist

The Left Behind Series is a Christian novel collection that twists scripture into a fictional story. The basis behind the books are plucked straight from the bible, but the characters are created to enhance the interest level of readers. Not only will your students enjoy these novels, but they will learn basic scripture stories at the same time.

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