Sermon Helps

Written by Jessica Duquette
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How a Sermon Helps

A sermon helps materialize the word of God. As many of us know, reading scripture is nearly as difficult as reading a Shakespearian play. Until we read the cliff notes or watch the made-for-tv movie we really don't quite understand what is going on. This can be quite a hindrance on the expansion of Christianity.

How is anyone supposed to evaluate or follow a religion when they can't quite understand the basics? Putting a face on scripture has helped many people make up their mind about Christianity. If you've found it difficult to follow scripture on your own, you may want to consider joining a group study program.

Join a Group Study

These groups will help break down each of the bible stories in an easy to understand fashion. Similarly, your pastor's sermon helps us to apply biblical lessons to our every day life. Without understanding how God works in our lives, how can you best serve Him?

While many preachers still rely heavily on reciting scripture during a sermon, there are others who have gone one step further. After reading the scripture he or she may then apply a real life situation to the story. This helps you familiarize yourself with what God expects from us as His children.

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