Sermon Illustrations

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Stimulate Your Audience

Sermon illustrations can add a visual element to any spiritual message. Standing in front of a congregation lecturing for 45 minutes can be less than stimulating for many of your parishioners. Why not add a visual component to help peak the interest of your audience?

Sermon illustrations are a popular way to preach to children and young adults. A difficult age bracket to appeal to, adolescents can be a challenge for many teachers. You can easily overcome these obstacles with the right tools and guidance.

Sharing Ideas and Sermon Illustrations

Communicating with peers and other preachers can help tweak your current practices. You will learn new ways and ideas of sharing Christian messages with your congregation. While retreats and other conventions are a great place to brainstorm for new techniques, there is a cheaper and simpler alternative.

The internet is home to thousands of Christian websites, each offering advice and suggestions on improving your current processes. Whether you are looking for team building activities, sermon outlines or Christian movie reviews, you can find it on the web. For a list of the best resources, click on the link above.

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