Sermon Outlines

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Sermon Outlines Provide Organization

Sermon outlines can help organize your thoughts and messages prior to your Sunday service. The thousands of pages within the bible contain an infinite number of messages, each important and fascinating in its own way. Incorporating multiple stories and biblical lessons in a sermon can be confusing and difficult to follow for many church goers.

In any public speaking position, effective communication is the key to successful presentation. If you don't currently write an outline prior to your sermon, you may find yourself bouncing back and forth from the New Testament to the Old Testament. Your students may find it difficult to pull one important lesson from your preaching.

Developing a Lesson Plan

One easy way of developing an effective lesson plan is to select a number of lessons you wish to cover. Then break each down and figure out which scripture passages best reflect the point in which you want to make. Some lessons are so crucial to Christianity that you may even need to break them down further, covering only part of the scripture in one sermon.

Learning about Christianity isn't a race to the finish line. The more time and depth that goes in to sermon outlines, the more apt your congregation is to absorb the message. If you need help finding outlines you can collaborate with your peers through chat rooms and discussion boards on the internet.

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