Written by Jessica Duquette
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The Many Extremes of Sermons

Sermons can be motivational, inspirational, educational, or just plain boring. As a preacher you strive to earn your congregation's interest. Alert and attentive are the characteristics by which you can measure the success of your lesson.

This goal is no easy feat. Unfortunately for many of us, we have experienced the all-too-common lackluster sermon. Twenty minutes of scripture followed by a translation still leads to very little besides the occasional yawn.

A Divine Message

The messages covered in sermons are exciting and divine and our reaction should mirror that. Without the right delivery, most congregants are missing the point of the story. Brush up on your presentation skills with a little help from your peers.

Use the internet to search for a new sermon, motivating scripture, lesson plans and outlines to help draw enthusiasm out of the crowd. Your students want to learn, that is why they attend Sunday service each week. Give them what they're looking for by spicing up your messages with illustrations, music and real-life experiences.

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