Sermons Online

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Finding sermons online is an effective and affordable way of re-energizing your current lesson plans. As a youth pastor for the local non-denominational church, you continuously struggle with keeping the kids interested and enthusiastic about Jesus. Most of them devote much of their class time to passing notes and day dreaming about fellow classmates.

Overcoming a Common Challenge

Don't get discouraged. This is not just a personal challenge of yours. Many instructors, pastors and even parents grapple with the same issues. In fact, you could learn some very useful tips and hints from others in your same position.

Asking Peers for Sermons Online

Without spending a significant amount of money to attend an off-site retreat, you can collaborate with your peers and exchange ideas, thoughts and sermons online. Use this information to enhance your current practices and help drive attention to the core of the message: Jesus Christ. By trying new techniques you'll soon learn what works for some students may not work with others.

The versatility within your youth group can both challenge and assist in the education process. Students not only learn from you but they learn from each other. Encourage students to take an active part in class and involve them in stimulating activities such as drama skits, discussion starters and Christian music.

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