Video Clips

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Anything But Ordinary

Video clips delivered during your sermon may shock your congregation, but you can bet you'll have their full attention. Let's face it; most church attendees are alert before and after the sermon. Those 45 minutes, in which you discuss the meat of your message, people tend to lose interest.

You can avoid this situation with some non-traditional methods of preaching. From video clips to Christian rock music, there are other ways to inspire your crowd that require thinking outside the realm of traditional preaching. While some may think you're unconventional, your message will be talked about after the service and continuously throughout the week.

Isn't that what we're all after? To share messages that have an impact on the people sitting in the pews of the church? What is the point of preaching scripture that no one will think twice about after the afternoon coffee social?

Incorporating Video Clips into Your Message

The best way to scout for new material to use in your sermon is by hopping on the internet. You can find hundreds of innovative ideas and methodologies that your peers are using successfully each week. The longer you wait to explore the options available to you, the fewer number of lessons your members will retain and appreciate.

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