Youth Ministry Resources

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Generate Interest Among Youth

Youth ministry resources can help jumpstart the interest level of the young adults in your congregation. As a teenager we seldom had youth group meetings and activities. I was often invited to friends' churches to participate in more enthusiastic meetings and trips.

Conventional churches focus more on the adult members of the community as opposed to the children who will someday take over managing the church. If you can't engage the youth at an early age, what will make them attend church as an adult? That was a challenge I struggled with after confirmation in ninth grade.

Without Youth Ministry Resources

While I had fulfilled by education duties by the church, I felt no need to keep up attendance. With very few youth ministry resources, no one made a conscious effort to keep us motivated and involved. Our attendance slowly fizzled.

Churches with leaders who are more willing to consider non-conventional methods of preaching are the establishments that attract the majority of young Christians. The youth wants church to be both a fulfilling and fun experience, something many churches still lack. Use the internet to find ways of incorporating fun into your teaching methods.

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