Remote Viewing

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Remote Viewing is a technique developed by the CIA and the military to allow trained personnel to perceive information in distant locations without leaving the room they were sitting in. According to experts in the technique, Remote Viewing programs were started by leading intelligence and military groups some time in the early 1970s. This was largely a response to intelligence that indicated that Russia was pursuing such a program. United States intelligence forces did not want to get caught by surprise by such a technique, so they began investigating and later, training, individuals in the Remote Viewing process.

The Remote Viewing Process

While Remote Viewing is tangentially related to Astral Projection or Out Of Body Experiences (OOBEs), there is a significant difference between the techniques. OOBEs are usually experienced by naturally gifted psychics or as rare occurrences in "normal" people during times of stress. While the naturally gifted can cultivate these types of events--where someone may see or visit a loved one who is far away, for example--they are not common in the average person.

Remote Viewing, on the other hand, can be learned by almost anyone, although the CIA and similar groups appear to have pursued individuals with a greater propensity or ability for it in their programs. In Remote Viewing a person sits in a room that is bare of any distractions and is given a set of coded coordinates to "go" to and report back on. While the actual process and training is a bit more complicated, the person essentially enters a cultivated state of meditative awareness and then searches for the information. Upon returning, they sketch or otherwise describe their experiences. The results are compared for accuracy, with several individuals frequently working on the same "target," to provide greater accuracy and information.

Remote Viewing Enters the Public Consciousness

Towards the end of the 1980s, increased public scrutiny caused the CIA and military agencies to close their Remote Viewing programs. Apparently, they feared public reaction to the idea that they were funding "psychic" research. There is some speculation that smaller versions of these programs continue today, but they are deeply protected. Most participants in those programs say that the information gathered was considered sufficiently accurate to be useful--in an intelligence environment, there is no such thing as 100 percent accurate intelligence from a single source. The military claims the programs were "not cost-effective."

Some articles and books on Remote Viewing were published during the late 1980s by researchers and participants in the programs. Some of these participants have since begun teaching the protocols and processes they learned to the general public. There are generally several levels of training in these programs and participants are guided towards greater and greater accuracy. The scientific method of observation and verification used in the development of this technique is still very much a part of most training programs.

There are many uses for Remote Viewing in daily life. Finding lost objects or people, seeing "into" the body of a sick person or keeping in touch with people and places that are far away are a few of the many uses of Remote Viewing. Police departments and Medical personnel are some of the groups that put this technique to work, but anyone can learn to use it effectively. Most teachers say that Remote Viewing is, ultimately, an expression of our connection to the whole web of life and consciousness throughout the universe. They believe developing this ability in an ethical way can ultimately benefit all of humanity.

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