Remote Viewing Benefits

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Remote viewing benefits cover a lot of territory, no pun intended. The remote viewing process was originally used to help the military and government acquire information without having to risk sending people into hostile territory. Since that time--and since the process was declassified in 1995--many more uses have been found for remote viewing in the civilian sector. Businesses, private individuals, law enforcement and medicine have all found aspects of this technique helpful.

Exploring Remote Viewing Benefits

Businesses have begun to use remote viewing for a number of different purposes. Mining and extraction concerns may employ remote viewers to find mineral deposits or do safety checks before drilling and excavations. They also use it to locate missing data or anticipate trends in business, global conditions or the stock market. Causes of events can also be explored, if the case is unclear.

Law enforcement has been using the technique for quite some time. Officers and departments may take the courses to sharpen their intuition when working on cases. Departments may also employ civilian remote viewers to help them. Finding missing persons, kidnap victims and solving murders and other crimes, where the evidence is unclear or obscured by time are some of the most common law enforcement uses of remote viewing.

Doctors and other medical personnel are taking courses in remote viewing. These courses help them see "inside" the patient's body to find the causes of disease or locate injuries that may not be immediately apparent. Knowing these techniques may save lives. Researchers may also use extended remote viewing techniques to help them solve problems in research or to develop new techniques and equipment.

Members of the general public who are interested in spiritual development may also find these courses useful. Remote viewing is a scientifically developed technique that can be taught to anyone who takes time to master it. It helps develop intuition, as well as provide information people may find useful in their personal lives. Many viewers report a sense of connection to the Universe that they find comforting--an added benefit for the spirit.

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