Remote Viewing Protocols

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Remote viewing protocols are central to the process of remote viewing. There are somewhat different protocols for military and civilian versions of remote viewing. The existence of these protocols is part of what separates the process of remote viewing from many other forms of psychic development and phenomena.

Reasons for Remote Viewing Protocols

The remote viewing technique was originally developed by military and intelligence agencies for use in gathering information about military targets and other assets, therefore a controlled and scientific process was paramount. Civilian remote viewers hold somewhat different opinions on the subject.

Generally, the repeatability of results that follows from the application of standard military-type protocols is useful in establishing the accuracy of the information and legitimacy of the technique. While military users generally regard the process as strictly scientific, civilian users believe there are spiritual and metaphysical aspects to the process that go beyond the standard approach. Military and intelligence paradigms of remote viewing generally do not take into account the possibility of interference from unknown sources in their information gathering process. Civilian users report dealing with other presences or entities, that may be human beings involved in protecting data or may be "other." Civilian groups may employ a member called a "defender" to deal with such presences while they are following the protocols.

The protocols essential to both groups generally include: randomly generated numbers that will be used to represent coordinates for remote viewing, consciously entering theta state to gather information about coordinates, writing down of all information regarding the target--including viewer expectations and prejudices, use of ideograms to represent information perceived directly past the conscious mind and limited time, to lower the interference of the conscious mind. If the viewing is done in a group, the group will look for incongruencies to indicate possible valid, unique information. Spiritually oriented remote viewing groups also include the use of higher beings or aspects of self, such as guardian angels, to safeguard their process.

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