Spiritual Journeys

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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For the mystically inclined or just the personally curious, the concept of spiritual journeys has a strong appeal. There are many ways to explore humanity's interconnection with the cosmos. Individuals have different paths through life. Their choices in spiritual explorations are equally diverse. Where one person may find illumination, another may find only confusion.

Exploring The Meaning of Life With Spiritual Journeys

We have a very open society in many ways. As old traditions of philosophy and religions fall by the wayside, modern people often find they still puzzle over the questions that mystified our ancestors, but with no clear answers to guide them. Many set off on a path of exploration that leads them to try many kinds of beliefs and practices. Some find the answers they seek. Others simply find more questions.

Some religions believe that the answers lie in their tried and true philosophies. In some cases, the comfort of knowing others have asked the same questions and received certain answers is enough. People who relate to this idea may find an anchor in organized or traditional religion. Others are not so comfortable with accepting the truths of others. These individuals seek their own experience of truth and may look in many directions before coming to some accommodation with the Universe.

The idea of questioning and finding one's own answers has a long history in most religious traditions. From Judaism through Christianity to Zen, a diligent seeker is expected to ask questions and seek answers for themselves. Many of these and other religious traditions greatest philosophers were such seekers. Whether Thomas Aquinas, Moses Maimonides or Siddhartha Guatama, pursuing this path takes great inner strength and rigorous honesty. The answers one gets are not always what one expects.

For the modern seeker, qualified teachers and a high-degree of self-knowledge is recommended. If this is your choice, you must investigate thoroughly any system, teacher or body of knowledge before you engage it. Whether you are drawn to shamanism, meditation, monastic life or philosophy, for the true seeker, there can be no shallow involvement. For those on the path of inquiry, which is the path of the spiritual journey, both caution and a passion for knowledge are highly advisable.

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