Using Remote Viewing

Written by Elizabeth Rose
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Using remote viewing techniques can give a lot of benefits to the practitioner as well as to the general public. Remote viewing has wonderful, spiritual benefits as well as material ones. Many people, who would otherwise be skeptical of anything remotely resembling "psychic phenomenon" find the scientific basis for remote viewing appealing. This paradigm has also made remote viewing appealing to business, law enforcement and medicine, as well.

Using Remote Viewing-A Simple Technique With Many Applications

Businesses, police departments and medical practitioners and technicians are drawn to the well-established track record that remote viewing has for problem-solving. Originally developed by the government for gathering intelligence, the technique has proven remarkably versatile in obtaining information for a lot of other uses as well. Businesses use it to find resources or anticipate trends. Law enforcement uses it for crime solving, while medical personnel use it to see diseases or injuries inside the body.

Other people might take remote viewing as a course for personal development. Since the technique is taught in a very specific way, there's no guesswork about it. Unlike many other intuitive or psychic techniques, one does not need to have a special facility for it. Anyone can learn to do it, if they want to and are willing to practice.

People who are interested in personal and planetary healing also gravitate to using remote viewing. As a focused and structured method of psychic perception it offers consistent results and concrete feedback that helps build the viewer's confidence in their perceptions. Once the technique is mastered, remote viewing can be used to view spiritual targets, events and other planes of existence. These experiences can be profoundly moving when experienced in the context of a technique that the viewer has previously verified for its accuracy. A "real" perception of being in the presence of a spiritual being has no parallel in our daily lives. It is a state the has been sought by mystics for millennia and is now attainable by the sincere seeker.

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