Holiday Sermons

Written by Serena Berger
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Holiday sermons are part of the most popular and often the most moving services of the year. In communities where many families do not regularly attend church, holiday services are a time when more people will gather than at any other time, and the messages of those holidays gives purpose to their gatherings. The meanings of Easter and Christmas, while often lost in the commercial whirl of plastic eggs and presents, are deeply spiritual, and holiday sermons about the origins of the celebrations are an opportunity for a simple, direct communication of faith.

At Christmas time, many people who question their faith find themselves drawn to church for the beauty of the traditions associated with Christmas services. While the songs, the candles, and the warmth of the community may be some balm for their spirit, the words of the minister in his sermon can do the most to open their minds and hearts again to their faith. While Easter services tend to be more somber, in recognition of Christ's death, what is said about the reasons for his death and the redemption of mankind is a crucial message for anyone who is struggling with their own belief.

Sacred and Secular Holiday Sermons

Of course Christmas and Easter are not the only holidays which can inspire holiday sermons. Both sacred and secular holidays may inspire discussion of Christian values; for example, at Thanksgiving time, it would benefit congregants to think both about thankfulness and about the treatment of the Native Americans and how early American settlers perhaps could have behaved with more charity and kindness. Around Valentine's Day, a sermon about the nature of love and related themes could be both topical and enlightening within a religious context.

It is also important to think about having a sermon which is appropriate for the entire family during a holiday service. While typical Sunday morning services have separate activities for children, family services at the holidays are often a particularly joyous time to share faith. If you are looking for a holiday sermon to suit your congregation and situation, there are a number of online resources that may help you find words about scriptures or about values that apply to the occasion.

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