Sermon Series

Written by Serena Berger
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A sermon series could take on a very broad or narrow range of topics. Certain scriptures lend themselves to obvious sermon series. For example, the Ten Commandments could make a series of ten sermons, exploring each one in turn.

A sermon series might also address the apostles or various Old Testament prophets one by one. The seven deadly sins are another topic which comes conveniently pre-packaged in list formant suitable for a sermon series. There really are no shortage of lists built into Christian scripture.

A more abstract series could take on a broad questions such as how to talk to God or how to be a good Christian. These themes could be revisited from the perspective of scripture and anecdotes over several weeks. A minister in touch with the needs of his or her congregation and with the events taking place in the families, schools, and neighborhoods of the community can always find material to form a series pertaining to the specific needs, place, and time.

Sermon Series from Popular Culture

The Bible is not the only source of material what can form a sermon on topics that interest of congregation. Books, movies, songs, art, and the news all influence the way that people think and the concerns that they have, and an entertaining and edifying series could be developed by discussing various elements of pop culture which are currently attracting attention. The Internet is a wonderful resource for ideas and inspiration.

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