Sermons On Children

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons on children may be designed simply for parents, or may be given at family services. There are many aspects of raising children that are difficult, and the advice of the Bible and the support of a community can ease some of these difficulties. It is also often difficult to be a child, and an understanding minister can use Christian ideas and scriptures to address the issues that young people face and better equip parents to communicate with their children about those issues.

Addressing Sociological Concerns in Sermons on Children

Children find out about a lot of things before parents wish that they would. From sex to violence to the dishonesty and corruption of many of our leaders, even when we try to protect children, they are confronted with things that can shake their faith as well as confuse and frighten them. Often this can lead to their acting out as a way to diffuse the emotional and intellectual reactions they are not equipped to handle.

Sermons on children in modern times must acknowledge the world we live in and what it can do to young people. If children are a blessing, they should bring out the best in us and make us try harder than we ever have before to understand what we believe in. In some cases, this means understanding religious traditions such as baptism or confirmation, while in others it means examining our own values in the context of our faith and our daily lives.

Sermons on children may also address is the issue of prodigal children. This term has many possible connotations, from the Bible story in which the Prodigal Son is first mentioned to the idea that in modern times a prodigal child may be one who is emotionally distant from the family as opposed to physically separated. A minister could speak on this theme and remind parents to love their children and be understanding even at those times when their teens are most rebellious or seem farthest from the values with which they were raised.

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