Sermons On Commitment

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons on commitment could refer to commitment in a variety of contexts that may apply to religion. First, there is the basic idea of being committed to God or Christ. Then there is the corollary idea of being committed to the church. Beyond that are the notions of being committed to another person, or to a particular job or action which relates to faith.

Topics for Sermons on Commitment

Faith is not something that you can ignore when it is convenient to do so. If you are committed to living your life in a Christian manner, you must pursue that goal avidly and at all times. This level of commitment often needs encouragement, which people find in community and through the words of their spiritual leader.

You must also be committed to your family. While some people think that divorce is "no big deal," within the Christian framework it is very definitely a big deal and the Bible is clear on the fact that it is not encouraged. In fact, many Christian denominations forbid it except in the case of legal wrongdoing or the case of adultery. Sermons on commitment may take on themes that relate to marriage: both finding the right partner, and then working to stay together.

There are many other ways that commitment is essential in the life of a Christian. Many times in the Bible, the commitment of great men of faith was tested by threats of serious persecution, and those who truly believed remained committed to their faith no matter what the consequences. If you want to read more or if you are looking specifically for sermons on commitment, you may find a variety of excellent examples online.

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