Sermons On Evangelism

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons on evangelism could take several different approaches. One of the easiest and most direct would be to begin with relevant passages of scripture, in which ministers are first referred to as evangelists. For example, in Ephesians 4:11 we are told that some people are called upon by God to be evangelists, as well as (and distinct from) pastors, teachers, prophets, and apostles.

Sermons on Evangelism in the Christian Tradition

Thus, in the Christian tradition it is believed that some are called upon to be evangelists. The original evangelists were any of the authors of the New Testament Gospels. The term was then expanded over centuries in some circles to refer to any of a variety of preachers of the Protestant faith, and in others to anyone who undergoes missionary work to spread any form of the Christian gospel.

Unfortunately, the term has also come to be associated with a few corrupt evangelists, particularly of the televangelist breed. The high-profile actions of these misguided few people in the modern age have done much to damage the image of evangelists who undertake a sacred tradition. Sermons on evangelism may also be an opportunity to clarify the huge discrepancy between the faith and methods of the many good evangelists working in the world and these few people who have sullied the name.

Sermons on evangelism can also relate the concept to anyone who believes in God. While ministers and missionaries may engage in daily evangelical activities, anyone who believes in the gospel and articulates their faith is an evangelist of sorts. Sermons on evangelism may be found online if you are looking for just the right words to communicate this sacred and important religious tradition.

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