Sermons On Friendship

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons on friendship may be as varied as the relationships that different people call friendships. For some, friendships are lifelong bonds of love and trust, while for others, they are dynamics with the coworkers with whom we have an occasional drink after work. Does the Bible lay out any guidelines about friendship or say anything about what friendship should be? Of course it does.

Scripture Possibilities for Sermons on Friendship

A lovely passage, Ecclesiastes 4:10, expresses pity for those who fall and have no one to help them up, saying that a friend will always be there to do so. The next two verses continue with the sentiment that there is strength in numbers; but this does not mean just physical strength. Strength of conviction and ultimately happiness are increased by friendship, by the knowledge that you have someone to help you achieve any worthy goal you have.

In 1855, Josheph Scriven penned the hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus." Sermons on friendship might take this as a starting point to discuss friendship. This hymn explores the idea that a friend is faithful and will be with us in sorrow as well as in comfort and ease. Faithfulness and devotion to anything or anyone we care about is a Christian ideal, and a good Christian should strive to be as much like Christ as possible in that type of devotion or friendship.

Job 17:5 cautions that if a man denounces his friends for any reward, his children will go blind. The Book of Proverbs uses the word "friend" many times in an obviously facetious context, as in 14:20: "The poor are shunned even by their neighbors, but the rich have many friends." Sermons on friendships will have no trouble finding instance in the Bible in which friendship is discussed, and hypocrites who devalue it are put in their place.

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