Sermons On Hope

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons on hope can speak to people in the most difficult times. Hope is sometimes the last thing that is there to guide us when sorrow and setbacks seem overwhelming. For many Christians, it is their faith that is a source of hope, because they believe that God will truly never give them more adversity than they can handle, and if they handle it as well as they can they will be rewarded in the end.

Scripture for Sermons on Hope

Romans 5:3-5 are topical verses for sermons on hope. These lines suggest that we can actually rejoice in our suffering rejoice in our suffering because when we suffer, we must persevere, and perseverance builds character which in turn leads us to hope. In this framework, hope is something that we earn; it comes from belief and work, and is a gift that can only be achieved with dedication.

Romans was written by the apostle Paul, who saw a great deal of suffering in the world around him. Much of his gospel concerns how people can maintain faith even when it seems they are forsaken, or there is little earthly reward. He focuses on the abstract nature of hope, but promises that it will be fulfilled.

Sermons on hope are similar to sermons on faith in that way. Faith is the deepest result of spiritual query, but hope comes not long before it, and is almost as difficult to maintain. If you are looking for ideas about hope coming from scripture or from others of faith, you may find resources on the Internet where sermons have been collected and you can read them or purchase them for future use.

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