Sermons On Joy

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons on joy ought to be some of the easiest to write. For anyone who believes in God or Jesus in the Christian faith, their belief is the source of great joy. There are also a number of passages in the Bible which refer to the joy brought by faith, which make excellent staring points for sermons on joy.

Text for Sermons on Joy

Philippians 4:4 reads, "Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!" 2 Samuel 6:14 talks about how King David expressed his joy when he was able to see the ark of the covenant-by dancing wildly in public (while wearing very little). This chapter continues with the tale of how a woman named Michal saw and despised David for his joyous dance, and was ultimately punished for it, while David became even more "undignified" in his expression of joy, which pleased his God.

We are also reminded forcefully in Deuteronomy 28, 47-48 that we are not supposed to forget God when we are happy. Followers who were not joyful in times of prosperity, but rather neglected expressions of thanks to God, were punished by being made slaves to their enemies. While the angry, punishing Old Testament God has been phased out in many Christian denominations by depictions of the New Testament's loving God, sermons on joy might reference this passage anyway, to make the point that joy and thankfulness are not to be taken for granted, and serving the Lord is a joy in and of itself.

Many Biblical passages reference dancing as an expression of joy. Song, also, is prevalent, as evidenced by the Psalms. Sermons on joy can remind congregants to feel joy for all their blessings, and also remind them to share joy when it is expressed by others, no matter what their particular means of expression may be.

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