Sermons In Mark

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons in Mark can focus on either part of Mark's gospel. The first half of the Book focuses on Jesus' ministry in Galilee, including the appointment of the apostles and clashes with major religious leaders; the latter half is concerned with Jesus' journey to and ministry in Judea. Material can be drawn from either half to create moving sermons, for example based on the parables or latter events from Jesus' life.

Sermons in Mark come from information that was second-hand, as Mark was not one of the twelve apostles. It is believed that the apostle Peter was the source of his information. While the Book is considered to be legitimate and honest second-hand testimony, scholars acknowledge that the chronology of the Book is potentially fallible, and perhaps not recounted in perfect entirety.

The Focus of Sermons in Mark

Although Mark is concerned with the teachings of Jesus, this Book concerns itself primarily with Jesus' actions. A particularly potent image that recurs throughout Mark's gospel is that of Jesus as a servant. In Mark 10:45, the writer takes the theme to its extreme, portraying Christ as The Suffering Servant.

While Mark is the shortest of the Gospels, there are still a wide range of topics for sermons. These could focus on healing and forgiveness, as well as drawing parallels from the events surrounding Jesus' death and resurrection. The Internet provides a vast resource for gathering different views to compile powerful and unique sermons in Mark.

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