Sermons In Proverbs

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons in Proverbs are so numerous and varied that it would be impossible to offer a comprehensive list or discussion of all the possibilities. The Book of Proverbs was written by Solomon, one of the greatest Old Testament Kings of Israel, and is about seeking wisdom and living a virtuous life. You might say this book is the closest Biblical equivalent to Confucianism, in that the book of Proverbs is the source of the greatest number of Christian aphorisms; but much of the wisdom in the book of Proverbs is timeless and applicable to anyone of any faith.

For example, in the introductory passages of the Book of Proverbs, Solomon says that his purpose is to attain wisdom, in order to live life doing what is right. He asserts that while all you must know is the greatness of God, there is a great deal of wisdom beyond that and only a fool would disparage the quest for it. The introductory verses of this Book are often given a sub-heading with a title to the effect of "An Exhortation to Embrace Wisdom," because of the vehement calling.

Sermons in Proverbs can focus, like much of the Book itself, on the moral benefits of wisdom. Wisdom will obviously help you make better choices, and often this includes staying away from morally ambiguous areas. For example, the Book of Proverbs cites the commandment not to commit adultery, and says that wisdom will best enable you to keep this commandment.

Sermons in Proverbs 10-29

Proverbs 10-29 are comprised of a list of Solomon's own proverbs, all short and to the point. (The comparison with Confucius is really quite astounding, here.) Many of these make excellent sermon topics, especially for congregations including children who find the short, straightforward nature of this scripture easier to understand than many other passages. If you are looking for Sermons in Proverbs, you should read these passages, and then you may also want to look online for ideas that will help you better discuss them formally.

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