Sermons On Sex

Written by Serena Berger
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Sermons on sex may be very difficult to write. This is clearly a very touchy subject, as well as a personal one, and many people feel uncomfortable expressing their thoughts about it. That fact, however, could indicate that it is all the more important for people to be able to discuss their values; especially if that means discussing the values of the church in which children are growing up.

Parents who find it difficult to talk about sex with their children may be hoping that their child's school or church will help establish their position on related issues. Ministers or preachers, however, may find it as difficult as parents to talk to young people about sex. For that reason, anyone can benefit from doing some research online to find what others have said in the context of sermons on sex.

Sermons on sex often address some of the most volatile members of a congregation. When children are too young to know about sex and adults have made their decisions about sexual behavior and formed their families, teenagers and young adults face many pressures and temptations that can lead to life-altering consequences. It is important for people in Christian faiths to understand the position of the Bible on sex as they contemplate their own decisions about it.

Sermons on Sex Directed at Moderns Teens

Many modern teens will argue that Biblical texts demanding extremely conservative sexual values and behaviors are antiquated. They can cite such factors as the availability of birth control in modern times, overpopulation, or simply social evolution to explain why they don't follow a conservative Biblical position. Whatever position you take on this issue, if you are dealing with the issue in a community bound by faith, it is important to discuss the topic openly, in sermons and conversations, in order for the young people making their decisions and forming their opinions to better understand the consequences. The Internet is an invaluable resource if you need some help getting your own thoughts together.

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