Topical Sermons

Written by Serena Berger
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Topical sermons are often the most important sermons that a minister can give. People listen in a different way when they hear the words of God related to a specific situation in their own lives or in their community. If a minister is in touch with what is happening in the neighborhoods, schools, or homes of his congregants, he may preach topical sermons that truly affect their lives.

It is all too easy for religion to seem daunting, too grand to be understood, or too fantastical to be believed. Yet, when a specific situation arises wherein a person experiences fear or doubt, with the right spiritual guidance they may find that the Bible has relevant passages which give them a relatively simple approach to the best possible resolution. The Bible is not meant to intimidate and alienate; it is meant to help people live better lives.

Potential Subjects of Topical Sermons

Topical sermons may be about rather difficult subjects to broach. While it is never controversial to talk about God's love, even a topic such as forgiveness may be topical and cause anger and anxiety. For example, in the wake of the horrible terrorist attacks of September 11, how many young children would have questions about forgiveness, and whether God could ever forgive men who perpetrated such a heinous act?

Forgiveness and tolerance are almost always timely topics to discuss, and they become more complex daily, as our world becomes more complex. Add to that list controversial issues such as sex or homosexuality, and you will find that topical sermons often take courage and conviction to deliver, but are the most important sermons that people can hear. If you are struggling to find the best way to articulate Christian thoughts on such topics, you may wish to use online resources for help and inspiration.

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