Alphabet Wicca

Written by Kevin Little
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Alphabet Wicca refers to the set of letters widely used by Wiccans, known as the Theban alphabet. The earliest known reference to this alphabet is from 1801, in a book called The Magus. But the use of the Theban alphabet in Wicca has more modern origins, starting when Gerald Gardner incorporated it into his teachings.

What is the Theban alphabet? Well, like the English alphabet, it has twenty-six characters, one each for the letters A through Z. But it looks a whole lot different from the letters we are accustomed to seeing, as the characters are more ornate and have a more symbolic quality than standard letters.

What's the Use of Alphabet Wicca?

So why take the time to learn a whole new method of writing words? For one, documents written in Theban script are naturally encoded. Only those versed in the alphabet and the Craft will be able to read what you are writing!

Another, perhaps more practical, benefit for this alphabet is the mystical nature and look of it. The appearance of words written in the Theban alphabet is such as to seem somewhat transporting, allowing the writer to dissociate herself from the mundane world and more easily enter the spiritual realm. By helping the writer more easily focus on the Wicca Craft, Alphabet Wicca greatly aids the learning process and the absorption of Wicca information.

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