Become Wicca

Written by Kevin Little
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Just how does one become Wicca? Is it as simple as buying a black cat and walking under the ladder in the yard a few times a day? Or does it involve an elaborate ritual, conducted in the dead of night, complete with a cauldron, wolfsbane, condensed milk, and a big wooden stirrer?

Thankfully, the answer to those last two questions is a resounding "no." What it really takes to become Wiccan is a lot of hard work and some reliable guidance. Of course, this only leads to another question: where does one find such guidance?

Become Wicca Online

The miracle of technology provides for those looking into courses in beginning Wicca. Online colleges are able to offer vast amounts of Wicca information in a convenient format for all to employ and enjoy. Not only will you find lessons there, but you'll also have access to more experienced Wiccans from whom you can learn.

You'll soon find that, while Wicca may have a bad reputation in some circles, it is actually a very moral and kind-hearted subject of study. Emphasizing goodness to the earth and goodness to others, Wicca promotes a whole, happy lifestyle. Hold the wolfsbane.

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