Beginning Wicca

Written by Kevin Little
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Beginning Wicca can seem like an intimidating prospect. As most modern Wicca is correctly termed "Eclectic Wicca," there is a lot of information to learn. The term "eclectic" is used to signify the many different branches of Wicca that have combined to form the modern practice.

Simply figuring out how all of the pieces fit together can be daunting enough--never mind learning it all! To successfully embark on the study of Wicca, you'll need to find some sort of structure, and, ideally, a support network. This is where online colleges can be extremely helpful.

Getting on the Path of Beginning Wicca

Since you're just starting out, you'll likely have a lot of questions, not the least of which concerns just how to begin in the first place! Online courses can provide the needed Wicca information to help you get going on a productive journey. While these courses may be challenging, such a challenge is a good thing if you're serious about learning the Craft.

Wicca learning is also greatly aided by the presence of more experienced practicioners of Wicca. Such mentors can be a great resource to anyone looking into beginning Wicca. Online chat rooms and message boards give the prospective student instant access to such learned members of the community.

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