Wiccan Art

Written by Kevin Little
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Wiccan art serves as a reminder of the various and sundry origins of Wicca itself. Drawing upon a wide range of influences, as does the Wicca religion itself, Wiccan art still adheres to the underlying principles that form the basis of Wicca. While much of the art focuses on the earth and it's inherent energy, all of the traditions that influence Wicca are included in it's wide-ranging symbolism.

As much of Wicca is Celtic influenced, so is much of it's art. Many Celtic goddesses and gods appear in many different guises and in many kinds of media. Statuary is one of the more popular media, but decorative plates and wall-hangings abound as well. In the Celtic Wicca tradition, much of this art is solid stoneware, reflecting Wicca's artisanal roots.

Other Forms of Wiccan Art

However, it's not just the Celtic deities who are widely represented. May statues also depict beings from Wicca's Mesopotamian past. Greek goddesses and gods also have their place in the Wiccan pantheon.

Of course, Wiccan ceremonial garb is an art unto itself. Beautiful cloaks and scarves, often adorned with Pentacles, moons, stars, or other elemental designs, truly set the right tone for Wiccan ceremonies. When looking for Wiccan art online, make sure to find a shop with a sense of the history of Wicca, as that history is directly represented in the art.

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