Wiccan Belief

Written by Kevin Little
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Wiccan beliefs, while they draw on a number of different sources, are in fact unique unto themselves. Wicca includes parts of other traditions, particularly Celtic and Greek. But the uses of these other myths serve to promote Wiccan ideals.

Wicca is centered around the idea of energy from the earth. In the form of the four elements, such natural forces can be employed for the growth of the inner Spirit. This is done through rituals and spells, which in some ways resemble the effects of meditation.

Discovering Wiccan Beliefs

It can be easy to find out more about the Wiccan belief system--if you know where to go. The most convenient sources for Wicca information are online communities. These communities, in addition to offering chat and message boards, in some cases also provided a structured learning environment for advanced and beginning Wicca.

When seeking out such information, authenticity is important. While a multitude of websites offer Wicca facts, not all are necessarily accurate or up-to-date. A good bet is looking out for sites associated with online colleges. When the emphasis is on teaching others, accurate and well-presented information is quite often the norm.

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