Ge Simon 3

Written by Tara Peris
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The GE Simon 3 is the latest and best offering from the folks you know and trust at General Electric. They have pushed the envelope of security technology to provide home protection that is safe and easy to use. A security system if of no use if it leaves you feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. GE knows this, and they have created an easy and effective system ideal for the modern family.

It is an unfortunate fact of life that burglary is not at all uncommon. We would each like to believe that we are beyond the reach of such misfortune, but recent statistics suggest otherwise. The Department of Justice has reported that a home is burglarized approximately every 10 seconds, and these thefts do not take place only in unsafe neighborhoods. They are everywhere.

Live Freely with GE Simon 3
Consequently, the challenge rests in acquiring home security that doesn't hamper day-to-day activity or make you feel as if you live in captivity. Security systems must be effective, but they must also be easy to use and capable of accommodating active family lifestyles. The GE Simon 3 was created with precisely these needs in mind.

The security package comes with all sorts of highly useful features, the most impressive of which is the wireless technology and small, streamlined control box. Life gets infinitely easier when you can activate the alarm by remote from inside or outside the house, and durable, quality products are what we have come to expect from GE security. Check out the Simon series as an affordable and reliable home security system.

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