Home Alarms

Written by Tara Peris
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Home alarms are so common that many of us do not think twice about handing out our passwords to friends and family who frequently pass through our door. Although this certainly has its advantages, it is important to remember that the most basic safety procedures begin with the use of a little discretion. To this end, you should strive at all costs to keep alarm code information secure.

It is human nature to drift away from protocol over time. Whether it is an office policy or a matter at home, each of us can get sloppy with details if we are not reminded of their importance. Nowhere is this more critical than when it comes to your home alarm system.

Smart Use of Home Alarms
As so many people have home alarms these days, it is tempting to give the password to neighbors and friends to make day-to-day life just a little easier. Although they are not likely to misuse such information, you want to be able to easily keep track of who is in possession of confidential material. With every extra person, this task becomes a bit harder.

Make life easy by protecting alarm passwords and only giving them out when absolutely necessary. Extended family members are of course, ideal candidates for helping out in an emergency and it is good to keep them in the loop. However, wherever possible, avoid giving girlfriends, boyfriends, and babysitters information unless it is absolutely required.

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