Background Investigations

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Background investigations do not require a Sherlock Holmes-style detective sitting in a parked car outside your prospective employee's home. This quick and relatively painless process only takes minutes and can save you from unexpected disasters. Why wait for a lawsuit to strike before making this strategic move?

Employees You Can Rely On

You have three full-time people on staff at your family-owned bar and grill. Those people have access to all rooms within the restaurant, including your office. Additionally, each of them is responsible for cashing out at the end of the night and calculating profits at the end of each day.

You may not have considered doing background investigations on these three employees. How would you feel if you had found out that one of them had a prior conviction for petty theft? Even though your profits don't exceed $600 a day, having employees you can trust is crucial to maintaining your business.

Background Investigations: A Little Work Goes a Long Way

Rather than offering someone a job and assuming the information on their application is correct, do a little extra leg work to verify references, previous jobs and criminal records. The information provided in these reports is very valuable and could save you from significant damages. To find out how you can prevent these situations, click on the link above.

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