Criminal Background Check

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Doing a Criminal Background Check in the Workplace

A criminal background check is imperative if your employees are dealing with personal information. As a credit card company, your internal staff looks at the credit history, bank account information and addresses of all your applicants. Identity theft is becoming a huge problem today, and avoiding these lawsuits is in your best interest.

Suppose one of your employees had been terminated from the previous employer due to identity theft. If convicted, this information is of public record. Sure you asked him point blank on his application if he had been convicted of a crime. He answered no, but is he telling the truth?

Rely on the Internet

There is one simple way to find out. With a criminal background check you can access a complete criminal activity history for your prospective employee. Through a name and social security number, online background research firms can pull up pages of information on every employee.

From speeding tickets to convicted felonies, this information is available through public records. Rather than heading down to the local courthouse for this information, you can outsource this work to a web-based company which can provide you with real-time data. This allows you access to critical information when you need it most.

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