Criminal Background Checks

Written by Jessica Duquette
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Criminal background checks vary from state to state. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) has preset standards for employee screening. These standards are different for each state, so for more accurate information you may want to contact your state employment agency.

What Can Not Be Included in Criminal Background Checks?

If you have ever been arrested, be it for a drunken bar fight or some other small misdemeanor, unless you were convicted that information will not appear on your background check. Without a conviction the state or employer is not allowed to obtain that information. The only exception would be if the applicant is still waiting for trial on his or her arrest.

The state of California does not allow the public to view criminal histories or rap sheets. There are several exceptions to this however. If the position you are applying for involves public utilities, law enforcement, security firms or child care, your complete record is available. Online companies that are offering real-time criminal background checks are making this information more and more accessible.

How Bankruptcy Affects Your Screening

The fact that you filed for bankruptcy is a matter of public record. Your credit report will reflect that filing until ten years have passed. Luckily, your potential employer may not use your bankruptcy filing against you and it should not affect your chances at getting a job.

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