Criminal Conviction

Written by Jessica Duquette
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A criminal conviction will appear on any background search you conduct. However, any prior arrests that did not result in conviction will not appear on any public record. If you were screening candidates for a child care position would you still hire someone who had a series of arrests in their past?

The Whole Truth

Judging people based on character is no longer an option. You watch news specials about families who entrusted their children into the hands of a capable nanny only to find shocking revelations. Abuse and abductions are increasing every year. Even if you are a stay-at-home mom, your son still plays on the town soccer team. What do you know about the coaching staff?

Uncovering a Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction and even an arrest can have a devastating effect to someone's ability to hold down a full-time job. It is your right as an employer, whether in the corporate world or a mother looking for help with her children, to learn all you can about new hires. Without a complete background check you'll never really know how much you can depend on someone. Employees willing to let you run a background history on them are less apt to have anything to hide. Be weary of those unwilling to participate in this type of security.

False information is making its way onto more and more resumes each year. One statistic claims that between 30%-40% of all job applications somehow distort the facts. This may seem insignificant for someone applying for a job scooping ice cream, but what about for a senior level executive running a Fortune 500 company?

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